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Web develop internship in Shanghai

14 november 2017
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Locatie(s): Shanghai
Soort werk: ICT
Branche: Overige
Type stage:
Stagevergoeding: In overleg
Land: China

Omschrijving stage

We are a design company in Shanghai, based on the unique combination of idea generation and product realisation to provide design that makes sense. Designers from all over the world design and interact on our online platform to create fresh and innovative ideas, according to the client requirements. The in-house development team in Shanghai translates the ideas into production, which provides real world learning experiences for the designers.


Our online design platform is a unique open source product design system that needs to be developed, maintained and extended. We strive to develop, optimize and manage the platform with the goal to create an optimal work environment for designers. Besides, the main aim for the coming months will be to extend our concept by integrating a second (separated) service into the existing platform. The web developer will be, step by step, working on these topics.


Assignment and planning

Introduction in the online design platform will be in the first few weeks to fix minor bugs. This will enable the intern to get to know the code


In the first few weeks, the web developer will have the time to get familiar with the existing platform and its source code. We will provide relatively small and practical assignments that will get the developer introduced into the existing source code and its database.


The implementation of a new service sector on the existing platform in 3 steps.


The research will be mainly about how to integrate two services into one single platform. The intern will have to take into account that both services can be separated but are used by the same users and platform environment. All difficulties in combining and separating these environments will be part of the research. The next step is to


Step 1: preparation of the existing platform, optimize the existing system with a fully working admin account (take already into account that there will be two types of admins in the future), setup of the database that are needed for two types of user accounts


Step 2: Create the basic setup for the second service, additional homepage, login, news page and different types of users (designers). After this step, the intern will receive feedback from the service provider, us and the users on the platform.


Step 3: Implement the findings of the feedback and research to develop the platform further by means of specifying certain elements to service 1 and service 2. The platform will be still a shared environment but the users and admins should be able to distinguish their services more inside the environment.


Key in this process is to develop and react on the spot while having the future strategic steps in mind. We want to release the services as soon as possible as a draft version of the platform with its existing projects and users to be able to receive as much feedback as possible from its users. This will enable the web developer to learn and act directly on the implemented work.



We will guide, advice and steer the student on daily basis. In the past 6 months, 5 students successfully did an internship in our company including a web developer. The core task of the web developer will be to implement and code the system. We have graphic and strategic designers on hand that will setup the strategy/structure and create the graphic interfaces. The web developer will have direct access to the skills and knowledge of these designers that will support him during his whole track. In this way, we strive to put the right person in the right position and make use of the main qualities of every person.


web develop  developer  


Minimaal opleidingsniveau: Niet gespecificeerd
Studierichting(en): Informatica | Computerkunde | Grafische Vormgeving
Stageperiode: Onbekend
Startdatum: September 2017
Rijbewijs noodzakelijk: Nee
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