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How to find an internship in The Netherlands?

Finding a suitable internship as a foreign student in the Netherlands can be difficult. Stagemotor.nl is one of the biggest internship providers in the Netherlands with lots of internships for foreign student. Search our daily updated database to find the internship you’ve dreamt of.

Get in there with an internship abroad

Now you could just go for that internship around the corner in that place you have been for the last couple of years or maybe even all your life. But wouldn’t it be a bit more interesting to push your boundaries and challenge yourself with an internship abroad? Yes, that’s what we thought as well. 
Hopping on a plane to go and get some work experience must be far more appealing than taking the bike or bus. An internship in a foreign country not only means you’ll be developing your skills in a way you wouldn’t be able to on domestic ground. It’s also living in a different world, standing on your own two feet and last but not least: enjoying a sparkling social life.
If you’re thinking about maybe working in a different country later on, challenging yourself or just curious about what it’s like to test what you’ve learned in a different kitchen; an internship with Stagemotor is what you need!

Stagemotor gets your internship rolling

As a hard working student it’s nice to get a break. Stagemotor understands you and can get you a fitting internship easily. What do you have to do? Just register yourself at our website and you’ll receive updates on available internships. You’ll tell us which jobs, sectors and branches suit your education and interests and before you know it we send you an email with the latest internships that suit your profile. It’s up to you to decide whether you see something you like to apply for or wait if something different pops up soon. No doubt Stagemotor gets you an internship without a sweat!