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Internship: Developing a monitoring system in Delft

19 januari 2018
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Locatie(s): Delft
Soort werk: ICT
Branche: Automatisering | ICT | eCommerce
Type stage:
Stagevergoeding: € 350
Land: Nederland

Omschrijving stage

We want to turn the Netherlands in one big datacenter by introducing our CloudBox to more than 500,000 Dutch homes, providing them with hot water by re-using the residual heat from our servers.

This comes with a major challenge for which we need your help! Because, how to monitor and track the performance of all these systems and how to know when something's not quite right?

Our CloudBoxes provide us with massive amounts of data all the time on water temperature, server status and use. Now, we need you to make sense of it all. You will determine the requirements together with the relevant teams within our team, make sure the system logs and reports the right data and when something is going wrong the right Nerd is alerted. 

We challenge you to build a system we can use for 
  • reliably store time series sensor data, system logs and events
  • creating insightful visual data representation
  • real-time data analysis
  • alerting the right nerds in case of trouble.


You are

  • a competent software engineer (we use Python, Go, bash and C a lot)
  • a command line user of *nix systems with a love for FOSS
  • not afraid to get your hands dirty in database query languages
  • a real self-starter with a strong sense of responsibility

We offer you

  • Impact and responsibility from day 0. You’ll definitely not end behind the Xerox machine. Heck, we don't even have one.
  • A high performance team where cutting edge technology is the name of the game.
  • Weekly demo time to show the whole team what crazy stuff you’re working on. In return you get a cold beer, meaningful feedback and some well deserved praise.
  • Champagne to celebrate success together
  • Fun teammates for weird lunch discussions, team days, drinks, parties, and more.
  • A workplace at YES!Delft, Europe’s biggest high-tech incubator.

Can't wait to meet you!


Solliciteer bij voorkeur via dit platform, via Stagemotor.nl. Op deze manier hebben wij direct inzicht in jouw (up-to-date) profiel en zullen wij z.s.m. contact met je opnemen!


python  bash  monitoring  logging  data-analysis  


Minimaal opleidingsniveau: HBO
Studierichting(en): Techniek | Technische Wetenschappen | Logistiek
Informatica | Computerkunde | Grafische Vormgeving
Stageperiode: 5 maanden
Startdatum: 01-02-2018
Rijbewijs noodzakelijk: Nee
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We are on a mission to heat the homes with cloud servers! Free heating for everyone. Sustainable computing power to companies and researchers. And for 50% of the costs. We are working hard on a sustainable alternative to current cloud solutions. Current datacenters are huge energy wasters. Combined, datacenters use up more electricity than India and generate more CO2 emissions than the airline industry. One reason the industry is so energy intensive is that 40% of its total energy consumption on cooling to get rid of this heat. What a waste! We avoids the datacenter entirely by placing these heat producing servers as aided heating systems in homes. Not only do we avoid the cost and CO2 emissions of building a datacenter this way. This innovative set-up also drastically reduces the household’s gas consumption whilst slashing the energy originally needed for server cooling. Adding all those free hot showers, avoided server cooling and building emissions up, we can save up to 3 tonnes of CO2 per household per year!

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